At home

It’s easy to keep our rivers healthy. Small changes made at home or in your garden, or while you are out and about enjoying the rivers, if made by many people, will add up and make a big difference to the health of our precious rivers and waterways.

  • Wash Your Car On The Lawn

    You can help keep our river healthy by washing your car on the lawn to keep detergents out of stormwater drains.

  • Take Your Rubbish With You

    Help keep the river clean and protect the health of the wildlife by taking your rubbish home with you when you’re out enjoying the rivers.

  • Collect your Dog Waste

    Pick up your dog’s waste and put it in a bin, composter or worm farm – it is full of nutrients that can feed algal blooms.

  • Oils, Paints and Chemicals

    Always check with your local council where to safely dispose of paint, oil and chemicals before you do. They can end up in the rivers if tipped down the drains.

  • Use Phosphate Free Detergents

    Use phosphorus-free detergents (NP) when washing clothes or dishes because phosphorus is one of the main nutrients that feed algal blooms. Check out our River-friendly Detergent Register for more information.

  • Fertilise Only When Needed

    Only apply fertiliser when it’s needed in spring or early autumn – follow application rate instructions, don’t over apply and never over water.

  • Grow Local & Native Plants

    Try to grow local native plants. They need less water and fertiliser, and attract native birds, lizards and insects.

  • Compost your Leaves & Grass

    Compost your leaves and grass clippings so they don’t wash into drains and add nutrients to the rivers.

  • Keep Drains Clear

    It is important to keep garden weeds away from drains. Weeds may end up in rivers and overtake foreshore vegetation.


Healthy Rivers Brochure

Check out our Healthy Rivers Brochure below:


Gardening Tips

Keeping your garden beautiful while protecting our rivers is simple. By adopting the following water-wise and fertilise-wise principles and choosing from the wide range of WA local plants suitable for your area and soil type, you can save time and money while your garden flourishes.

Check our Grow Local Plants and Fertilise Wise pages to find out how to be a river-friendly gardener.