Prawn Watch

What is Prawn Watch?

Prawn Watch is a project that engages the Perth community in monitoring prawns in the Swan Canning Riverpark. It encourages the sustainable management of the estuary and the fishery through data collection, information sharing and awareness raising.

Over the course of the 4-year project, 4.5 million juvenile school prawns were released into the Swan and Canning Rivers over the four years of the project.  Nearly two million school prawns were released during 2015/2016 alone thanks to world-first Western School Prawn culturing techniques developed in Perth. Link to media statement.

The project also investigated the factors that are limiting the natural recruitment of the Western School Prawn and engaged the community to monitor the recreational fishery.  It was funded under the current Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF) supported by Recfishwest to help restore the highly valued and popular recreational activity of prawning for Perth families.

Read the full report on this amazing project, including details of the distribution and abundance of Western School Prawns in the Riverpark here.

Catching prawns in the Swan River