Catching Western School Prawns

Where to catch Western School Prawns

Some popular sites include Salter Point, Canning Bridge, Como Jetty in South Perth, Crawley Basin, the Narrows Bridge, Lucky Bay, Point Walter Spit, Crawley Baths, and Jutland Parade in Dalkeith.

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How to fish for prawns

The recreational fishing of prawns in the Swan Canning Riverpark is restricted to ensure the long-term sustainability of stocks. Hand trawl drag nets are permitted but only between 1 November and 31 July.

Bag limit – 9 litres (school and king prawns combined).

Gear – Single hand-dip net, single hand-scoop net, single prawn hand-trawl (drag) net maximum 4 metres long with mesh not less than 16mm. Nets must not be attached to a boat and these nets cannot be used within 100 metres of Pelican Point Reserve and Milyu Nature Reserve. The Department of Parks and Wildlife recommends that prawning should not occur within 100 metres of all river-side nature reserves.

If prawning from a boat, recreational fishers need a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence.

Recreational fishers are not permitted to sell their prawn catch.

This site only provides information on prawning in the Swan and Canning rivers. For details on other fisheries please see

Catching prawns in the Swan River

Sustainable fishing practices

  • Please return all by-catch to the river alive. Do not leave blowfish and jellyfish on the foreshore.
  • Consider leaving gravid and small prawns (<50mm prawns) in the river.
  • Please take your rubbish home with you.
  • Abide by fishing regulations set by the Department of Fisheries.
  • Avoid fishing within 100 metres of all river-side nature reserves.

Messages to interested brood stock collectors

  • Short drags of 50-100m will minimize damage to our precious females
  • Broodstock collection is undertaken in cooperation with Challenger Institute under a  permit exemption issued by the Department of Fisheries. Under the conditions of the permit, prawns may only be retained for culture purposes. All non-gravid prawns and by-catch must be released. Contact River Guardians if you would like to be involved. 

A gravid Western School Prawn

Gravid or ‘pregnant’ Western School Prawns can be identified by a bright green row of eggs running from the middle of their back to their tail.

Western School Prawn flyer